I’ve personally been generating massive income online for almost A decade now 

and in this video I pointed out 5 different ways which are all 

still working well today in 2017. There are a ton of other 

methods around but I haven’t tried them so I can’t comment.

Product Arbitrage

This really is a super simple way of making some quick online cash. I 

did this approach for years back in 2012 and made some decent 

money. I have a lot of friends who are still doing this and 

cashing in. 

You simply need to investigate some hot selling products on ebay and 

see if you can get them anywhere else cheaper. Amazon is usually 

the best bet. If it’s more costly on Amazon then simply just do 

reverse arbitrage from ebay to Amazon.

Service Arbitrage

This is an excellent and fast way to make some cash as you 

don’t need to bother about shipping and returns as you sometimes 

want to do with product arbitrage. 

There’s lots of places to re-sell services including online 

marketplaces like seoclerks.com konker.io fiverr.com craigslist.com 

and other classifieds websites.

Clickbank Affiliates

Clickbank is the home of digital products and ebooks. The 

marketplace is HUGE and you will find a product for almost any niche 

available. The fee payments happen to be upwards of 60% 

so there’s and awesome possiblity to make some money.

Bing advertising platform is very popular as it offers very 

affordable advertising to self employed people like you and me. 

It’s not hard to get started with and has plenty of traffic that 

you can use to send to your clickbank affiliate offers.

Amazon Niche Sites

This is still just about the most passive ways to make money online in 

2017. You just set up a handful of product review sites (can be 

outsourced) and rank them in google. Inside a several months your 

little internet cash cows will be generating traffic and 

commissions for you while you hang out somewhere nice 🙂

List Building

This has existed for many years. And before the online market place was 

invented, companies were building e-mail lists of their customers 

and mailing out promotional offers to them. 

Building a list could be easily done on a smaller scale and still has 

the potential to generate a great deal of money still in 2017.

Once you have built up a sizable list and you treat your 

subscribers with respect, you will notice that your list becomes your 

biggest asset. Similar to your own personal ATM machine.

Solo ads are another way to create a list and if done right, can 

generate a tremendous amount of subscribers in a very short period of 

time. Be sure to investigate the solo ad provider before placing an 

order and also figure out how to track your links.

I hope you enjoyed this introduction to earning money online in 

2017. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.


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